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Exploring the beauty of Peak Gagoan Indonesia

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Exploring the beauty of Peak Gagoan Indonesia
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Gagoan Peak has beautiful natural beauty with its beautiful stone eyes seen.

In West Sumatera you can visit a lot of interesting tourist attractions such as beaches, lakes, mountains, rivers and panorama that has its own uniqueness and attraction. For the natural Challenge lover, try the sensation of traveling in Puncak Gagoan located in Paninggahan village, Tanjung Junjung Sirih District, Solok Regency, West Sumatera province.

This attraction is approximately 20 KM if from the city of Solok, and can be traversed or taken by two-wheeled vehicles or four wheels. Gagoan Peak has a beautiful natural scenery if we are above its peak, with tall and steep rock hills.

The natural attractions are located in Nagari Paninggahan Regency of Solok, starting to visit by tourists thanks to their in-social media with the release of beautiful panoramic photographs of nature as a backdrop. Gagoan Peak does have a unique natural beauty with its rock rocks. In addition, because it is located at an altitude, from Gagoan peak you can see the charm of Lake Singkarak.

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Peak Gagoan

The name of Gagoan Peak derives from the Minangkabau word tribe “Gagau” meaning giddy (fear of falling). Because indeed if you are on this hill then we will witness the steepness with a white rock with a slope of almost 90 degrees. In this Gagoan peak, you can enjoy the breeze, natural and fresh, because the forest is around Gagoan peak which continues to pump its oxygenated oxygen. If you are in the Gagoan peak then you will feel the freshness of the air and keep away from the urban bustle.

For the safety of the local youth visitors with the organizer also gave signs of a red cross sign, so that visitors do not forget themselves just because they want to get a beautiful photo spot. For those of you who want to visit Puncak Gagoan should also look for the right day, the weather is sunny without rain so the natural beauty of the Gagoan peak is not covered in fog. In this area the rainy season occurs around March-July, and drought in February. The switching season (Pancaroba) occurs from August to October.

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Gagoan Peak is on the clamp by two hills that are directly limiting to the river with water is very clear, river water is also utilized by the Government to be streamed to the house-house residents and for other needs, so you do not be surprised if there are many A PDAM pipe near Gagoan Peak. Gagoan Peak has a distance of about 20 Km from downtown Solok, or about 78 Km if you are from the city of Padang. To reach the peak of the Gagoan you can use both four wheels and two wheels.

However, it is advisable to use two-wheeled vehicles, because the road to the top is classified as narrow for four-wheeled vehicles. To start the journey to the peak location, you can enter through a Sumani market and travel approximately 7 kilometers with a journey time of about 30 minutes. As some roads are still rocky, it is advisable that your vehicle is not too fast to survive to the summit. Along the way to the Gagoan peak you will be spoiled by the green grass landscape that adorns the hills of Gagoan.

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