Delicious culinary tour in Medan, Indonesia

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5 Makanan Khas Medan yang Menggugah Selera

There are a lot of typical Medan food that can be tasted during our vacation there. In fact, we can also easily find food vendors with pockets-friendly or cheap prices with delicious taste in Medan.

Here is a row of Medan special foods that must be tried!

So, what are the typical Medan food that must be tried and very lost if it is missed? Here’s the full review!

1. Durian Medan

5 Makanan Khas Medan yang Menggugah Selera
Durian Medan

Fruit that has a pungent smell and the taste of this deliciously is one of the typical Medan food. Different from durian fruit in general, durian Medan has a more legit flavor and distinctive. In fact, it’s not uncommon to have a person who initially doesn’t like durian turned into a like and addictive. Compared to ordinary durian, the price of the Medan durian more expensive is very comparable to the taste offered.

If you walk to Medan, try to stop by one of the places that Ucok Durian located in Jalan Iskandar Muda, close to Medan Merdeka Walk. Ucok Durian is one of the most delicious places to peddle the durian in Medan.

In addition to Ucok Durian, we can find the delicious durian Medan in Si Bolang Durian which is also located in the heart of Jalan Iskandar Muda, Medan. Here, we can also enjoy durian directly on the spot, from durian peel to durian pancake.

2. Bika Ambon

5 Makanan Khas Medan yang Menggugah Selera
Bika Ambon Medan
Go to Medan incomplete before you try Bika Ambon made by Medan people. The food that is often taken as souvenirs is the most popular and excellent food in Medan. The taste is delicious, the aroma is fragrant so many people like it. Be sure to not forget to bring home this typical Medan food to your beloved family and relatives when.

3. Soto Medan

5 Makanan Khas Medan yang Menggugah Selera
Soto Medan
Although Soto is a culinary that is easy to find in various regions, but Soto Medan has its own signature flavor. Soto Medan is rich with spices, no wonder if the taste is completely natural and different. The coconut milk that blends perfectly with the spices creates a fragrant and tantalizing aroma.

To taste the delights of Soto Medan, there are some of the most recommended places, namely the Sinar Pagi restaurant, Soto Kesawan, Soto Pak Haji, Rumah Makan Soto Medan, and Soto Bang Anto.

4. Sirup Markisa

5 Makanan Khas Medan yang Menggugah Selera
Sirup Markisa Medan
One of the most distinctive drinks of Medan is passion fruit syrup. This syrup is made from a mixture of passion fruit, sugar, and water that has a distinctive flavor, legit, and delicious. Passion fruit syrup is very refreshing if drunk in cold condition. We can get this passion fruit syrup in the center of Souvenir City Medan.

So although hot weather hit the city of Medan, all can be wanted by a typical Medan passion fruit syrup.

5. Teri Medan

5 Makanan Khas Medan yang Menggugah Selera
Teri Medan
If you go on holiday to Medan, before returning to the hometown make sure to buy Teri Medan. The small Teri has a savory and delicious flavor and is unfortunate if not in the try. Teri Medan is very suitable to serve as a friend to eat or for other food processed.

Well, that’s a number of typical Medan foods that should be tried during the holidays in Medan. Holiday guaranteed to be more fun and enjoyable!

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